Storm? What storm?
Lots of puddles, though.
Playing after the storm
The street was flooded, about knee high at the gutter, maybe six inches across the crown. It was bad, but Allison and Florence were worse. Apparently the post-Allison drainage system cleanups helped. Across the street some of the neighbors had fired up the grille and were setting up for breakfast on the balcony.
The flooding wasn't bad enough to stop high-clearance vehicles,
some of which were out and about...
Even smaller trucks kicked up bow waves...
which flooded up into the parking lots, swamping some of the smaller vehicles at the lower end.
One of my neighbors made it home from work in his little Corolla,
but it took him a couple of weeks to get the car right again.
And there are always the joyriders who just have to throw water.
Some of the neighbors, including Fermin Rodriguez, set to work immediately clearing branches from the street...
Others of us were content to record the work being done....
Somewhere under the whirlpool there's a functioning storm drain... something we didn't see after previous storms of this type.
Houston has trees everywhere, and we lost many. This one was planted much too near the building; when the wind knocked the tree over, the roots came up through the floor inside.
THIS one, several feet across at the base, dropped neatly into the courtyard of the apartment complex across the street
- leaving an enormous crater but doing no damage.
And always, there's just one more.
This is the little convenience store where I buy my gas.
(It looked a whole lot neater yesterday evening....)
Time for a little Gazebo Refurbishment, I'm thinking,
though I'm not sure they ever actually USED the thing anyway...
I suspect these weren't the only folks who felt this way...

And so, to bed. (Actually, more of "and so to home where I cranked several megs of photos upstream to the newspaper using a laptop on batteries and a dialup account, but it wasn't much fun even to think about that THEN and I'm surely trying to forget it NOW.")

Next morning, I went out and collected one of our better writers and we went searching for stories and pictures in the Memorial area - that's roughly the northern part of West Houston, for reference.